This workshop deals with the issues confronting women. It will give you the ability to create the personal and professional environment necessary to make your skills effective and to put you in control of your career and your life. It is the most confrontational & emotional workshop we do.

This program is geared to:
1.Help you to move forward in your organization and in life.
2.Help you to see how your personal and professional life interact with and affect each other.
3.Assist you in being responsible for your own growth and development.
4.See how your own attitudes about yourself as a woman may have gotten in your way.
5.Enable you to use parts of this program in supporting other women and men.

This program has proven effective with every level of woman from vice president to technician. All women need to overcome pictures of “how it is” and “how it ought to be, so that they can have their lives the way they WANT them to be.

“The results of this course have been unbelievable to me! Your course provided me with the information to jump by leaps and bounds!”
Christal Fisher, Vice-President Product Integrity, Mary Kay Inc.

The four major subject areas are:
1.How to deal with the issues of organizational structure and power.
2.Identifying your goals and objectives and those your company has for you.
3.How to enhance your strategies and positions for the attainment of personal and professional goals.
4.Sharpening your communications skills to enhance your management style.

Each subject area will be covered through lecture, group exercises, individual exercises and people in the workshop sharing experiences.

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