Advanced Women Moving Forward®

This very special workshop is open to graduates of our “Women Moving Forward” and to women who have taken our more advanced courses.

Advanced Women Moving Forward is an intense retreat for women who want to experience, for a second time, the movement they had when they attended Women Moving Forward.

There are five subject areas to be covered in this three day retreat:
1. How to deal with organizational structure and power.
2. Identifying your purpose, goals and objectives at this point in your life.
3. How to adjust your way of dealing with work and relationships to live out your purpose
and reach your goals.
4. Completing the next level of relationships to move on in your work and life. There will be
a Completion Exercise.
5. Contributing to other women like yourself and being contributed to by those women.

Only 10 women will be able to attend each of these workshops. If you are interested please
contact us and reserve your space.