Enabling Purpose Through Relationship©

What does it take to live a satisfying life? Certainly one of the most important factors is knowing and living consistently with your purpose in life. We are not talking about goals or even commitments but the central organizing principle that gives your life meaning.

The power of living on purpose is immeasurable. It energizes every part of our lives. Most of us have had the experience of being “on purpose” where our life flows almost effortlessly. Where our results are significant and things just seem to “come together”. But what does it take to live that way all the time? Not just trip over it occasionally.

This powerful course explores how to know, understand and live life on purpose. It also goes beyond individual purpose to having teams and groups living purposefully, as well.

When we live to fulfill our purpose, relationships become even more important. For most of us living on purpose has to do with making a difference in people’s lives. To do that you must have the ability to create relationships, so you have the ability to impact the lives of others.

Also when you are out to make a difference you will run into resistance. There will be conflict. Our ability to resolve conflict in a way that preserves or even enhances relationships is crucial. Damaging others in the pursuit of a goal is off purpose.

This course teaches both what it takes to be on purpose and what real life skills are needed to create and maintain relationships in the very diverse, chaotic, world we live in.

In this course you will learn:

-How to clarify your purpose and know how to recognize when you are on and off purpose.

-You will understand how living life on purpose gives meaning and context to your whole life and all of life’s circumstances both good and bad.

-You will learn the skills of listening and presence. Giving you the ability to create relationships rather than dependencies. Which will give you the ability to empower the people around you rather than having to control them.

-You will learn how to resolve conflict in a way that enhances relationship.