Leading Projects through Relationships, Commitment and Purpose©

So often as Project Managers, we do not have the power, control and rewards traditionally available to managers to get people to do what needs to be done. Consequently we must have the skills to influence behavior far more than control it. We must have both skill and personal development necessary to have people truly commit to the team rather than trying to force people without carrot or stick.

On any given team we have highly motivated experienced team members who have no personal agenda or competing motivations, just a commitment to get the job done. But many individuals find themselves on teams with conflicting commitments. It takes a deep understanding of psychology and human motivation to fully engage these individuals. This is exactly what this course delivers.

This course approaches the complex issue of motivation by understanding and utilizing the commitments of the individuals to motivate and gain buy in whether they are team member’s sponsors or upper management.

The course will be delivered in a highly interactive experiential format. This course is built around the real situations and problems the participants face. This course will be rigorous and demanding for the participants. They will be expected to be introspective and willing to share their insights and observations. The goal of the course will be to give the participants both skills and understanding to have their teams work. Each participant will be interviewed for his or her input prior the course to integrate their specific concerns into the design of the session.

Course topics:
*How to build relationships and use them as the foundation of motivation.
*Understanding the importance of the individuals’ personal commitments and harnessing that knowledge to create engaged team members.
*Preventing and overcoming burnout for you and team members.
*Knowing the value of understanding your purpose in life as a source energy and focus and context.
*Understanding the skills necessary for resolving conflict.
*Understanding giftedness, betrayal, perfectionism and other complex issues that subtly can undermine projects.

5 day version of the course includes a 2 day version of Productive Relationships®
3 day version for those who have previously attended Productive Relationships®