Men, Relationships and Work©

The expectation on today’s professionals has changed drastically in recent years. Influencing skills are becoming increasingly crucial to success everyday. Although the numbers of men and women in R&D, Engineering, Sales, Supply Chain and IT are becoming more evenly split, management is still predominately male.  Men and women have distinctive ways of thinking and working. The ability for men to be attuned to these differences especially in organizations that still think and manage, in very traditional male ways, is difficult. Unacceptable employee satisfaction scores and unacceptable retention rates of women vs. those of men is an indicator of a systemic problem that must be addressed.  Cultural differences add another layer of complexity to the problem that must be addressed.
It is unfair to expect men to adapt to the ever-changing environment and associated expectations without proper training. Men need different skill sets and understanding of the changing paradigms in order to communicate and manage more effectively. Beyond gender issues initiatives, economic pressures are forcing many corporations to create leaner organizations that can deliver greater productivity by leveraging every employee to their maximum potential. Traditional hierarchical, rule oriented, task driven and punitive management approaches prevent these new leaner initiatives from reaching their potential. 
Expected Outcomes: Participants will manage and lead better by learning the following:

-How to read women, i.e. the real message and emotional content behind their actions.
-How they unintentionally cause conflict.
-How to create stronger results using relationship based management.
-How to manage, live or work with gifted, powerful women.
-Understanding differences in the male/female brain structure and how to bridge it
-How to recognize women’s contributions to retain and motivate talented women.
-How to produce better results; increase productivity, with less effort, frustration and stress.
-How to listen to difficult cross gender conversations in highly emotional situations and engage, versus blocking communication.
-How to resolve conflict in a way that improves rather than damages relationships.
-A functional definition of each participant’s purpose in life.

Men Relationships and Work® is a three day workshop. The course is highly interactive. Participants will be working on the real life problems they currently face. Each participant will have a 30 minute pre-call to assess individual needs and a one hour post call to support implementation of the course skills.