Retiring with Satisfaction©

Retirement is one of the biggest life transitions. People study for hours, have advisors, and read books on making sure their money will be OK in retirement and almost no time thinking about will they be OK in retirement. Hence the newest Susan Van Vleet Consultants© course Retiring with Satisfaction©. Ten years ago, I had a very successful entrepreneur tell me that retirement was the single worst decision he had ever made. It was a brief encounter, but I did glean that he had done no real preparation psychologically for this huge transition.

Famous quarterbacks aside, retirement isn’t the “permanent vacation” that we fantasize about. We are likely to live a long time now, after we retire, if you have something to retire to. But what is that?

Here’s what we will be working on in this course:

– How do I complete 40 years of work and career? Good and bad. Betrayals, huge team wins, failures, moments when you changed people’s lives, all of it. We complete our past so we can create our future. Without completion we never fully experience what’s next.

– How do I express my purpose in retirement? Research out of Rush Memorial in Chicago says one of the keys to preventing dementia symptoms is continued focus on purpose. What will that expression be without work?

– Relationships are an absolute key to satisfaction and long-term health. What changes will be in retirement to keep relationships vital? If you live a long life you will have to face the fact that people you care about move away, become unavailable or die. Are you practically prepared for losing and adding relationships as you get older.

– What will I no longer put up with in retirement? The things a busy work life can conceal.

– How do I plan for a life that I can not see? How do you prepare for an unpredictable future.

– What will replace the positive feedback and self-esteem boost I got from work.

This course will be full of exercises, reading and group discussion to illuminate the issues above and much more.

This course will be taught in an unusual format. Virtually one day a month for 4 months. Two hours of individual consulting time included in the course fee, available for one year from the end of the course.