Smart People: Managing and Retaining Gifted Employees©

We all want smart employees. Scientists, IT professionals, Engineers, Managers. It is a war for talent that must be won. But do we really know what to do we have once we hire them? And do we manage in a way that actualizes their talents and retains the gifted employees?

Often smart employees apparently seem to come with a whole host of annoying, disturbing and exasperating traits. These perceived negative qualities often come from not understanding the qualities and components that make up the package that comes with giftedness.

Though we know they are brilliant and required to compete in today’s market they also can seem:
Abusive, Condescending, Arrogant, Aloof, Disorganized, Self destructive, Difficult, Overly Emotional, Low self esteem, Stupid, Clingy, Argumentative, Contrary, Inscrutable and Self absorbed

Most people do not understand “what comes with the package” of giftedness. Consequently motives and behaviors of gifted employees are misunderstood and responses of managers are often counterproductive.

This workshop unravels the mysteries of understanding and managing gifted employees. The workshop will give you tools and diagnostics to better understand and make better choices about how keep your brightest people satisfied and productive while keeping your sanity.

Participants will learn:
-The high correlation between perfectionism and giftedness. How perfectionism negatively effects work product and makes acknowledging gifted employees so difficult.
-A diagnostic for how to quickly identify the two majors learning styles of gifted employees and how to manage the differences and conflict and confusion generated by the differences.
-To understand the apparent emotional fragility of gifted employees why they are so easily, hurt, disappointed and frustrated.
-How to mange what seems to be constant upset and disappointment with “the organization” and it’s ethics.
-How to assist employees with what seems to be unrealistic expectations of other employees, projects, management and even themselves.
-Why gifted employees seem so high maintinience and what to do about it.
-A tool for understanding how best to handle day-to-day communication with gifted employees to maximize results and minimize frustration.
-How most gifted employees don’t think of them selves as gifted, which makes them come off as condescending, arrogant and impatient.
-How generational and gender issues magnify many of the issues above.

The purpose of the course is to give individuals the skills and understanding to successfully manage and retain gifted employees.