Surviving A Dual Career Marriage©

“Surviving A Dual Career Marriage” explores how life really is in society and how it can be adapted to the needs of families with two working spouses.

Only 14% of all American families will have just one breadwinner by 1990, yet the majority of our social institutions and business practices are based on the assumption that the woman stays at home.

How can you manage your professional and personal life with a spouse, with or without children, in a culture in which institution are 35 years our of date?

“Surviving A Dual Career Marriage” deals with the pictures we, and our society, have about marriage and jobs, with our values about work and family, with our ideals about finding the perfect spouse – and about how to have a powerful, enlivening relationship that enriches all members of the family and work, too.

“It’s really a cost/benefit analysis of marriage and family versus going it alone. It was very practical and realistic.”

“Our society is geared to the kind of family that doesn’t exist. No wonder things are so hard.”

“I am deciding whether or not to marry. This workshop helped me look at what being a working person married to another working person really means. I have a lot to think about.”

Workshop participants have the opportunity to clarify their purposes in life and to see if marriage to a working spouse supports them in that purpose. Individuals concretely define their life ideals, making the unspoken “secret wishes” observable and real. The two-day workshop is discussion oriented and relatively informal, providing a relaxed and open atmosphere. It consists of short lectures, exercises, and discussions.